What our customers are saying about us

the long term homeowner

We’ve lived in our house for over 25 years and the upkeep has just become too much for us. We heard about GrayWolf Residential Services and thought it sounded interesting. Melissa came out and explained the customized monthly maintenance program. As soon as we signed up, GrayWolf sent a tech out to take care of some things that needed immediate attention. The technician was efficient and polite and answered all of our questions. Thank you!

the new homeowner

We are first time homeowners with a brand new house and we were sort of overwhelmed with all the technical things you need to do to keep up with things. Then we got a mailer from GrayWolf Residential Services and gave them a call. Are we glad we did! Melissa was great. She told us how the service works and looked at our home warranty to make sure there were no conflicts. Now GrayWolf is taking care of our home every month and we don’t have to worry about a thing. They send a text when they are coming, and we just send a message on the app when we need something special done. Get this service! You won’t regret it!

the senior homeowner

I am a senior who is pretty active and in good health. I can manage on my own, but some things in my house are a challenge. My children and grandkids help out, but I feel bad calling them every time something goes wrong. Even so, whenever they come over there is always something for them to fix or a burned out bulb I can't reach. Recently someone told them about a new service, GrayWolf Residential, which helps you keep on top of things in your house. They signed me up. Now when everyone comes over we can enjoy each other's company and I don't have to feel guilty that I am bothering them with a chore. GrayWolf Residential has been a big help.

the snowbirds

We live in Northeast Ohio and go down to Florida for a few months every winter. Every year it seems it gets tougher to find someone to watch over our house while we are away. We worry about things like pipes freezing when the temperature drops. We saw a GrayWolf truck in our neighborhood and gave them a call. It was great! They come every month, even when we are away AND they added a 2nd drive-by visit to check on the house at no extra cost! What a relief! Seems like they have transformed our lives!