Imagine how much simpler home maintenance
could be.

Just one call for everything
your home needs:
Monthly Preventive Maintenance

With contracts beginning as low as $200 per month, we keep your home in prime condition throughout the year with scheduled monthly and seasonal maintenance.

(please see our FAQs for more information about our prices)
  • Each month your Graywolf Residential dedicated team of trained, skilled, bonded & insured technicians will visit your home to inspect and maintain a comprehensive list of preventive maintenance items covering electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire & safety, appliances, and structural conditions. The team will also complete seasonal maintenance on a rotational schedule, keeping your home in tip-top shape all year long. Contact us ahead of your monthly visit and we can tackle items on your “honey-do” list, too!


every visit

General Services


  • Check/replace light bulbs
  • Check/adjust interior & exterior lighting timers
  • General check of windows & screens
  • General check of entry swing & sliding doors and screens
  • Check for signs of water leaks and house settlement: walls, ceilings & floors
  • Inspect/repair kitchen & bath caulk/grout and apply treatment to inhibit the growth of mold & mildew


  • Scan for abnormal environmental conditions (drainage issues, elevation changes, tree dangers etc.)
  • Check for signs of insect & rodent infestation


  • Check for tripped breakers/blown fuses
  • Test/check GFCIs & AFCIs
  • Verify stand-by power is exercising & operational



  • Inspect/repair kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures
  • Inspect/clear drains
  • Inspect/repair toilets (includes flush/fill mechanisms, flapper, bolts and seals)
  • Check general functionality of hot water system(s), well systems, water treatment & filtration systems, sump pump,  auxiliary controls
  • Ensure all drain traps are wet
  • Apply monthly septic tank treatment (if applicable)


  • Operate thermostat
  • Verify HVAC unit(s) operation: including but not limited to condenser, condensate lines & drains, blower(s), draft motor, burners, ignition & pilots, contactors
  • Check filter(s)
  • Check electronic HVAC filter operation
  • Check for flue obstructions
  • Check/verify operation of humidifier(s) & dehumidifier(s)


  • Apply monthly dishwasher cleaner/disinfectant
  • Apply cleaner/disinfectant/deodorizer to garbage disposer
  • Replace refrigerator freshener
  • Verify icemaker function
  • Verify microwave function
  • Verify cooktop & oven function
  • Run washing machine through cleaning cycle
  • Clear washing machine drain hose screen & clean removable detergent/softener dispensers
  • Verify dryer operation
  • Clear dryer lint traps & exterior vent louvers
  • Empty whole house vacuum system canister (if applicable)

fire and security

  • Operate smoke & CO detectors
  • Verify alarm system function
  • Check entry locks & latches



  • Change HVAC filter(s)
  • Flush hot water tank(s), verify water delivery temp., verify recirculating pump operation
  • Check for ice dams


  • Check for/replace cracked or missing electrical device covers
  • Inspect electrical outlets & switches for scoring/signs of failure, replace as needed
  • Check for/correct hazardous cord & cable usage
  • Inspect/repair all hinges, knobs, latches
  • Check for ice dams


  • Inspect house foundation
  • Inspect exterior house facing (brickwork, siding, etc.)
  • Inspect driveway(s), walks, patios, etc.
  • Inspect deck & porches
  • Inspect/repair service entry points


  • Cooling system start-up & general check
  • Change HVAC filter(s)
  • Inspect/clear return air & vent covers
  • Operate ventilation fans
  • Humidifier shut down
  • Operate gas valves/check for leaks


  • Swap/check windows & screens (rescreening as needed)
  • Put out hoses/turn on hose bibs
  • Inspect/clean window wells
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Inspect roof & chimney caps
  • Check skylights & sun tubes (de-bug lenses)


  • Inspect attic for leaks & animal invasion
  • Inspect electrical panel
  • Complete kitchen appliance check: oven(s), cooktop(s), refrigerator(s), microwave(s), trash compactor, dishwasher (parts, filters, functions, temperatures, connections, refrigerator coils etc.)


  • Change HVAC filter(s)
  • Inspect/repair all water shut-off valves


  • Inspect/clean dryer vent hose & connections
  • Inspect/replace washing machine hoses, screens & valves
  • Check/repair all hinges, knobs, latches


  • Change smoke & CO detector batteries & test
  • Replace smoke & CO detectors as required
  • Replace thermostat batteries
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Change garage opener batteries
  • Service garage door systems


  • Heating system start-up & general check
  • Change HVAC filter(s)
  • Check/clear return air & vent covers
  • Operate ventilation fans
  • Humidifier start-up, clean & prep
  • Operate gas valves/check for leaks
  • Check/operate gas & wood burning fire places


  • Swap/check windows & screens (rescreening as needed)
  • Bring in hoses/turn off hose bibs
  • Inspect/clean window wells
  • Inspect/repair service entry points
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Trim small branches away from screens


  • Inspect attic for leaks & animal invasion
  • Inspect/repair/replace weather stripping