Frequently asked questions

What is it that you would like to know?

We have compiled the list below of those questions that we are asked most often about our services. While it is not by any means all possible questions, we believe that the following will cover the important topics. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, please contact us by phone at 216.831.3200 or you can email your question to

Why do I need this service?

We believe there are two overarching reasons to subscribe to GrayWolf Residential Services: one is preventive and the other is proactive. GrayWolf Residential Services subscribes to both preventive and proactive practices, making our way a better way to care for your home.

Preventive maintenance stops something that, from experience, we know will happen (finding a drip from an undersink pipe that, if left unchecked, will become a bigger leak and do some serious water damage).

Proactive maintenance strives to control variables and, in turn, helps determine a better outcome (replacing older worn out undersink pipes before they start leaking).

Our program is designed to use both of these approaches, caring for your home in the best way possible. Combining the two types of protection in one program creates a better way to maintain your home AND gives you more time to enjoy your home. GrayWolf Residential is 100% committed to giving you the best 'home-owning' experience possible!

how much does the service cost?

Our program is based on a 12-month contract and our pricing considers a variety of factors which include: the size and age of the house, the number and types of rooms, the age and condition of appliances and systems, the year any remodels/renovations were completed, and the location of the house (urban, suburban or rural). We have contracts beginning as low as $200 per month. However, in order to properly evaluate your home we conduct a complimentary site visit which takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, and follow up within 48 hours to give you a price.

What will repairs cost?

Standard repairs and parts to items on our monthly and seasonal checklists are included with your contract. The rate for additional non-standard repairs by a GrayWolf Residential Services technician is $75 per hour per person (plus parts). With hourly rates, a 30-minute minimum applies and then time is billed in 15-minute increments. Before proceeding with non-standard repairs, either requested by you or found by one of our technicians during the monthly visit to your home, we will let you know the cost and timing of the repair and will require your approval before proceeding.

When am I billed and When Do I pay?

A few days after your monthly service appointment, we will send out an invoice detailing the basic charge for the visit, the pro-rated cost of any add-on services in your contract, and, upon completion, the cost of any larger projects you have asked us to undertake. Of course, you will not be billed for materials that cost $25 or less, such as light bulbs, furnace filters, faucet washers, toilet flappers, etc. The cost of those items is included in your monthly maintenance charge.

Payment is expected within 30 days from the receipt of the invoice.

how is my monthly visit scheduled?

Your dedicated 2-person team will arrive each month on the same day and at the same time (e.g. the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9am). We work with you to schedule your monthly maintenance visit at a date and time that is best for you. If for some reason you need to reschedule the service, simply contact us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit.

Do i need to be home for my monthly maintenance visit?

No, you do not need to be home. All of our monthly service technicians are employees of GrayWolf Residential. They are bonded and insured, and trained to treat your home with the utmost care. You may make any arrangement you are most comfortable with to give us access to your home. Some of our clients are home to let us in, and then go about their day. Other clients entrust us with a house key, or a garage or alarm code so we may let ourselves in. Others prefer to be home while our team is working. Our goal is for our clients to be comfortable and to give outstanding customer service each and every time we enter your home.

how long will the monthly maintenance take?

Typically, each visit takes two technicians approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete. The time spent depends on several factors, including, but not limited to, the size of the house, number of systems (heating, cooling, water, etc.) and the number of bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. If there are requested repair items that are not included in the monthly visit, these may increase the time spent.

how will i know when my service team arrives and leaves if i am not at home?

Several days before your scheduled visit you will receive a reminder by text alert. You will also receive text alerts when our technicians arrive and when they leave. A paper copy of our visit summary will be left at your home, and you will be sent an electronic copy via email. You may also call our office, 216-831-3200, during business hours to receive updates and status reports.

How do i communicate with Graywolf residential services?

Contact us by phone: 216-831-3200; by email:; or through our app. You may also contact us through our website on the page labeled 'Current Customers'.

I have never heard of a 'Honey-do-list'. What types of things does it cover?

Honey-do lists are comprised of household maintenance jobs you might ask your spouse or partner to do. If you become a GrayWolf Residential Services client, we can take care of these small tasks and relieve you of the worry. Typical honey-do items are tightening a towel bar, hanging a picture, installing a bathroom door hook, putting items up in the attic or down into the basement (and the reverse), sweeping the garage floor, hanging an indoor or outdoor plant hanger, hosing off an indoor/outdoor rug. You get the idea.

How much notice do i need to give you for my honey-do list (Extra repairs or items i would like you to take care of during the next visit)?

Please let us know at least 2 business days before our scheduled visit if you have additional repairs or items you would like addressed. Advance notice allows us to arrive prepared to complete these items in one trip. If you forget to let us know ahead of time, you may send a message to us through the app and we will do our best to take care of your maintenance request on the spot. If for some reason we are unable to accommodate a late request and you cannot wait till your next visit, we can always make arrangements to do a between-visit drive-by repair (hourly rates will apply).

what if i have a maintenance emergency outside of regular business hours?

Call our main number, 216-831-3200. The automated attendant will notify us of your call and we will help you the best way we can. Depending upon the emergency, we may (1) guide you over the phone to stabilize the issue and make arrangements to come out the next day to make the required repair, (2) deploy an emergency GrayWolf Residential technician/team to your home, or (3) call one of our strategic partner contractors to come to your home. We have many years of experience in maintenance and we have relationships with many contractors who are just a phone call away. We can deal with nearly any type of emergency because we have dealt with just about every type of emergency.

how do i know the contractors you bring in for work that is beyond the scope of my monthly contract will be of the same high quality and as trustworthy as my Graywolf residential technicians?

All of the contractors we use have been thoroughly screened and vetted. We have worked with many of them for more than 50 years. When we arrange for one of our strategic partners to work at your home, we coordinate their work from start to finish and make sure they do quality work efficiently and in a timely manner.

May I still use my own contractors if i want?

Yes. If you have a trusted contractor and want to continue to work with them, of course you are welcome to do so. Add-on services are chosen on an individual basis, taking into account the needs of each homeowner. These services can be added to your contract at any time.

what if i need to cancel the contract or decide this service is not for me? will I be locked into the entire 12-month contract?

While we hope you will love our service and stay with us from home to home, we understand that things happen. If you need to cancel the contract, you may do so with 30-days’ notice, any time after 60 days from the date the contract begins.

What about my home warranty? will this service interfere with it?

Our service is not a home warranty and we are not a contracted service provider with any home warranty company, but we can work with your home warranty service provider by alerting them when a covered repair is needed. Remember, with a home warranty, there is often a per repair service fee. There are also different levels of coverage depending upon the type of home warranty you purchase. We can review the details of your home warranty during our initial in home evaluation.

do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind everything we do. If you feel a repair completed by us or one of our strategic partners is below standard or fails in the same way again within 30 days of the date the repair was completed, contact us and we will make it right.

Is same day service available?

Yes! If you have an unexpected repair (a clogged kitchen drain) and need immediate service (a dinner party in 3 hours) we will do everything we can to respond to your call for help as quickly as possible.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We love it when our customers like our service so much that they recommend us to their friends and neighbors. Just ask your referral to mention your name when they sign a 12 month contract and you will receive a $100 account credit within 30 days of the start of their contract. There are no limits on how many referral credits you can get, so go ahead and spread the word!

is there anything you don't do?

Hmmmm... we'll get back to you on that one!